Song by Bông 2019

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100% Merlot

AOC Bordeaux

"Song is a wine that is fresh and round on the palate with a delicate oak touch. It has tannins, but they are velvety-textured. It is a smooth, easy-to-drink wine, offering an attractive array of black fruit aromatics that are intensely perfumed, powerful and stylish, together with a spicy, profound nose. After a gentle entry on the palate, the wine’s smooth texture develops with deep fruit character, length of flavour, and an oaky note coming through in the finish. The wine shows concentration (a reflection of the optimal weather conditions in this vintage that were more than beneficial to the Merlot grape), which reveals all the rich expression of Song. The depth of fruit character and the length of flavour on the palate give this wine a lovely, light and fruity balance. With this classic but elegant balance, Song is the very image of Bong. Thanks to its soft, silky tannins, which are the DNA of Bordeaux’s right bank, Song can be enjoyed in its youth but will also age well for 10 to 15 years.’’

----Hubert De Boüard De Laforest

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