Noble Rot Issue 20: Back To Life


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In this issue, Published 1st July 2019:

...we spotlight Tenerife and Portuguese wine. From island cover stars Envínate and Suertes del Marques, to the historic vineyards of Colares near Lisbon, we profile some of Europe’s most exciting winemakers

...we meet one of Britain’s best loved cookery writers Nigel Slater and taste a selection of Noble Rot’s specially made wine and food pairing ice creams

...we celebrate the release of alt-synth-poppers Hot Chip’s new album over dinner

at Wandsworth’s Chez Bruce. As well as the inside scoop on their passions for music and gastronomy, we get their verdict on a selection of cuvees from La Dive Bouteille, France’s original natural wine event, also profiled in this issue

...Mike Diamond from The Beastie Boys offers a ‘Hip-Hop Guide to Buying Wine on a Date’

...we feature stories about Umbria’s Paulo BeaChâteauneuf-du-Pape, the early days of the Michelin Guide, and matching wine and chilli, as well as reviews, recipes and musings from Pierre KoffmannSimon HopkinsonMarina O’LoughlinAlastair LittleTomos ParryJon BonnéRussell NormanTim HaywardRowley LeighRuby TandohGeorge ReynoldsZeren WilsonMorgan Dunn and John Nivenamong much more...

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