Domaine des Creisses "Les Brunes" 2018

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62% Cabernet-Sauvignon (30 years old vine), 38% Syrah (32 years old vine)

A wine with enormous potential, which will require a few years in the cellar to tame its powerful structure and refine the material.

Beautiful elegant nose, ripe fruit, sweet spices, violet, voluptuous, tasty mouth with clear tannins, fruit and lots of force.

This wine has a sustained, almost opaque, purple dress with purplish glints. The nose, rich and concentrated, offers a bouquet of black fruits (blackcurrant), spice and accompanied vanilla nuances. The wine is frank about the attack in mouth, then reveals all its wealth and its concentration. The material is structured with tight tannins, but perfect maturity. The aromatic expression plays on a pallet of black fruit and spices. The finish is long and powerful.

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