Domaines Bunan

Côtes-de-Provence, Bandol

The story began with our winemaker grandparents, Félix and Lucie, who in turn passed on their love for wine to their children, Paul and Pierre. And now it is our turn, Françoise, Claire, Laurent and Philippe, to work together and combine our skills in order to uphold our family’s traditions. We strive to create emotion and share our love for these lands.

In 1954, Paul Bunan was living in Oran when he first read about Bandol in a newspaper article. Marlon Brando had fallen in love with a young actress there, the daughter of a local fisherman. He kept a photo of the American actor and many years later, in 1961, the two brothers began to build the foundations of the Domaines Bunan in the village of Cadière d’Azur with the creation of the Moulin des Costes terroir.

They instantly fell in love with the Bandol region and this prestigious appellation. In 1969 Pierre Bunan purchased Château la Rouvière in Castellet, a small south-facing terroir composed of Mourvèdre vieilles vignes overlooking the sea. Later, in 1978, the two brothers reconstructed the Bélouvé vineyards, which previously belonged to clerics, in order to create a Côte de Provence appellation wine.

Together these three separate terroirs (Moulin des Costes, Château la Rouvière and Bélouvé) form one entity: the Domaines Bunan.

"Our family of winemakers strive to reflect our philosophy and authenticity in the creation of our wines. We work together closely in order to make the domaine’s heart beat and help it to evolve whilst continuing to respect traditions to ensure that our deeply rooted legacy may live on. Each and every one of our oak barrels has been named after a member of the family in order to keep their memory alive."