Domaine Partagé (Gilles Berlioz)

Savoie, France


Gilles Berlioz was not destined to be a winemaker, originally from a modest family, he was trained as a landscaper but as we was passionate about wine he bought a tiny parcel of 0.8ha in the Chignin area in 1990. He increased he size rapidly to 7ha but then decided to reduce it again to gain in quality and start an organic and biodynamic converstion in 2006 (3.5ha).

Berlioz works with a single vineyard-single cuvee spirit, he put the accent on low yields 30hl/ha while the norm in Savoie is around 70hl/ha to achieve a great natural concentration, although the aromas are far from common Bergeron, his wines bear a lot of finesse and a substance which is very characteristic from the biodynamic style. The vineyards are ploughed by horse. In the same spirit, Gilles Berlioz is taking part in some research programs to test the efficiency of essential oils against mildew.

The estate is respectively planted with local grape varieties, such as Mondeuse, Persan, Roussanne, Jacquere and Altesse. All the grape varieties have been planted accordingly to the characteristics of each terroir (soil composition, sun exposure).

The wines possess a rare vibrancy of flavours, they are indeed multifaceted with a nice acidity, the tension and sapidity of the whites are well balanced with some richer flavours of ripe fruits, quince, honey and spices. The Mondeuse is very fragrant, with lot black fruits and a very mineral finish.