Domaine Michel Arcelain

Pommard, Burgundy

In 1889, Jules Arcelain took over the family wine exploitation and modified the plot during the phylloxera crisis and replanted the famous grape varieties: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, now around 60 years old.

Then, he transmitted his expertise , knowledge and his soil to his son. At his turn, he continued to pass on to his children. The plot has evolved over the time and generations. The domaine, now covering 4 hectares, is committed to follow sustainable agriculture principles from vines to wines.

To preserve as much as possible the purity of the soil and the authenticity of their wines, Pierre pays attention to the tillage which is carried out by plowing all the year. In order to have an optimal quality of the raw material, harvests are conducted manually to select the best grapes.

Today, the Domaine is operated by Michel Arcelain, his wife Marie-Madeleine and their grandson Pierre. The wines are kept in the cellars for a few years before being released, currently the 2015 vintage is still “sleeping” and “maturing” to be ready soon for release.