Domaine François Mikulski

Meursault, Burgundy, France


François Mikulski and his wife Marie-Pierre found Domaine Mikulski in 1992.Today Domaine Mikulski covers 8.5 ha all rented. Part of it comes from his uncle (BOILLOT Family) that he worked with from his return from the US until 1992. The rest is the neighbour’s vineyards. Mikulski was not part of the great line of vignerons, he had to build everything from scratch, in 1992 when he started he was thinking of selling his wines to negociants but the prices were to low so he eventually preferred to bottle it himself.

The vines are spread over Meursault and the neighbouring communes. One quarter of the production is red. The white production is focused on Meursault, and he has all the best 1er Crus in Meursault (there are no Grand Crus in the village even though for many burgundy connoisseurs the Perrieres and Charmes are to be considered as Grand Crus). Most parcels of his 1er Crus are minuscule, and the production is very limited (les Perrieres it is 800 bottles per year, and Gouttes d’Or 400 bottles).


180 millions years ago Burgundy was under the sea.

60 millions years ago the movement of tectonic plates and shifting of the continents caused the base of the seabed to appear. Today’s geological relief results from the emergence of the Morvan block and of its slow erosion, as well as the collapse of the Bressan block. Burgundy’s gentle slope is a result of millions of years of erosion and variation in temperatures. The upper slope is composed of hard rock between which silt and residue has penetrated.


Mikulski does a meticulous sorting of the grapes in the vineyards and in the cellar, fruits are fully destemmed and gently pressed and after clarifying the must, the juice undergoes fermentation with its natural yeasts. The wine is then put into barrels for 10 to 12 months with a very small proportion of new oak (around 15 to 20%) for Mikulski wants his wines to be crisps and minerals and not overlaid by a varnish of woodiness. The wines are slightly fined prior to bottling to express their full olfactory precision.Francois Mikulski is one of a new generation of winemakers in Burgundy who have broadened their views with ideas from the rest of the world, and is proving himself to be a star of the future.

His 1er Crus white Meursault wines are the most expressive, with aromas of citrus and white flowers, with a honeyed and rounded palate with a lingering finish of nutty undertones and still minerality.