Château Romanin


One day in May 2006, Anne-Marie and Jean-Louis Charmolüe, regular visitors to Provence since 1955, came across the remarkable site of Château Romanin and it was love at first sight. Jean-Louis Charmolüe, descendant of a family who has took Château Montrose (Second Grand Cru Classé Saint-Estèphe) in Bordeaux to new heights of excellence, instantly felt a strong connection to Domaine de Château Romanin and its remarkable past. This interesting turn of events led to the joining of their respective destinies.

The start of 2018 remains marked by the passing of Jean-Louis Charmolüe, a great and visionary winemaker, who used to say, «there is always a story behind great estates.». And this is true because, from Greek to Roman times, from the Middle Ages to the present day, events, characters and poetry have featured throughout the history of Chateau Romanin, a unique place where you can still find the ruins of a Knights Templar château standing at the foot of the Alpilles mountains.

Anne-Marie and Jean-Louis Charmolüe acquired Château Romanin in 2006. Possessed with an energy as strong as that which runs through the site that clearly had potential, they set themselves a twofold challenge: to write a new chapter in the history of the Domaine and produce outstanding wines. The couple embarked down a path that would lead to the introduction of the high standards and precision work typically employed at the great wine estates, magnified by shared emotions and the hedonism of the location. The deep, full-bodied wines and the olive oils with perfumes of Provence are now finding their perfect balance.

Today, Anne-Marie Charmolüe, the owner and manager of Château Romanin, continues the quest for excellence. Driven by her sense of duty and own resolve, she is intent on writing a new story in Provence. The vineyards are cultivated under the principles of  biodynamics.