Arnaud Mortet

Gevrey-Chambertin, Burgundy


The Domaine Denis Mortet was founded by Denis Mortet in the early 1990’s after he inherited half of his father’s estate Charles Mortet, Denis got rapidly known among Burgundy wine lovers as he produced a series of very good vintages in the 90’s, he is still perceived as one of the most emblematic figures in Burgundy winemaking. After Denis Mortet passed away in 2006, his son, Arnaud took over this very well managed estate. Arnaud is following his father’s steps with the same obsession for excellence.

The 10.8 ha domaine benefits from a great range of appellations mostly located on the commune of Gevrey-Chambertin, with a tiny parcel of 0.15ha of the king of wines, The Chambertin. The estate possesses also some very interesting 1er Crus, well situated on the Combe Lavaux-St-Jacques part of Gevrey. The plain Gevrey village, a blend of different “super” Lieux Dits (Au Vellé, En Derée, En Motrot, Combe dessus, En Champs) from old vines is absolutely astonishing, it could pass for a 1er Cru.


As his father before him, Arnaud put much efforts in the viticulture practices, the vineyards are managed in “lutte raisonnée”, no weed killers are used, Arnaud has experimented Organic techniques in 2008 and given the poor conditions of the vintage he had to struggle to achieve a consistent quality, after this experience he is not ready to totally convert the estate to organic. After a careful sorting both in the vineyards and in the cellar, the grapes are 100% destemmed, the berries preserved and put into temperature-controlled vats for a 5 days cold maceration, the total fermentation lasts around 20 days. Arnaud performs less pigeage than his father used to, the wines’ concentration comes naturally from the low yields. The use of oak is relatively classic, 50% of new oak for Village wines and 100% for Grands crus. Arnaud Mortet’s style is of ripe fruit and well-integrated tannins, while his wines have huge ageing potential, their structure and the overall balance make them thoroughly enjoyable young.